Nightly builds (NEW)

After some tests everything seems to be ok on my N2.
But i’m trying to install a skin based on aeonmq8 customised by myself. I’ve got the message xbmc.gui 5.14.0 not satisfied. Is there a way to install this skin anyway ?
Thanks a lot

You can try editing the skins addon.xml and change the xbmc.gui version from 5.14.0 to 5.15.0

However if the skin relies on any scripts that aren’t Matrix compatible then it might not work.

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Ok that worked, thank you very much

Well, it seems changing HDMI port didnt solve my issue.
Is it posible in Matrix CE downgrade to 4.0.7 firmawe?

Why don’t you just use nightly? 9.2. Matrix is not for daily use. current nightly 9.2 is working fine and switches to the right physical adress.

I dont complain. Just installed to try and give feedback. Im very grateful to the CE team for give us opportunity. :wink:

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How to disable this on start?

Hi, one quick question for developers, is there any point of running nightly builds for s912 box, since almost all changes ar for ng and 4.9 kernel?

Todays nightly build. I lost my CEC. Working well with previous.

There’s some work being done in CEC. Try tomorrow’s nightly. Some fixes are prepared.

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20210203 fixes the CEC issues or that’s where the issue was introduced?

All with CEC issues: please try the nightly 20210116 if it is working again:

If yes please try next nightly and check if it stopped working:

Thank you

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Anyone please?

In ssh console type this command and post url.

journalctl -l --no-pager | paste

Thank you

Sadly I didn’t spot anything. Maybe one service fails? Do you see anything with red color?

Also what are boot parameters?

cat /proc/cmdline | paste

It only started some weeks ago. Like some users i face the green screen issue if i start the box first than the tv. I don’t know if that made the box to enter in “debug mode?” Everything works ok. Is it just a bit annoying.
No red colors.

quiet parameter is there which means it should not print anything.
Can you a picture of a very first line which appears on TV?

It could be nfsdcld related or rtc related from what i noticed.

I will try to record a video and check the first lines. Now i upgraded to matrix and with the new logo it is more harder to read and it seems the text disappear more faster. Also the text flashes everytime it add another line (maybe because of the logo animation).