Nightly builds (NEW)

I generally get at least 2Mb/s download speeds, which is just fine.

There are other factors that can affect download speeds, including your own network, your ISP and your locality in terms of it’s infrastructure.

Yeah, I mean I think it must be maybe locality, everything else I download comes through at between 5-60mb/s…not my network.

I confirm a decrease in the download speed of the update, I noticed a decrease in the download speed some time ago, and earlier the speed was higher.
PS: I mean the update in boxing.

Newest (20211208) nightly gives me a Black screen on Boot After bootlogo. Khadas Vim3 Pro. Coreelec installed on internal. VNC gives Black screen too. But SMB network is working.

So you see CoreELEC boot logo?

You need to be more in detail.
And when downgrade to 20211207 it’s working again?

If Samba still works SSH should also still work.
Please make dmesg | paste and post the link.

Also please catch all kodi.log files in /storage/.kodi/temp

Had the same issue with 12/08 nightly on Odroid N2+ and C4. Downgraded to 12/7 and all fixed. Saw boot logo and then left top corner screen showed that corner of logo. SSH still worked but uinresponsive. I’ll try and capture logs but I’ve been messing with it on N2 too much, maybe I can get something helpful when I reconnect C4.

There were some changes about get/set kernel data. Maybe something is missed as everything works ok for us.

Please describe more in detail what happen and about the system setup, 4k TV? 1080p?, GUI resolution?
disp_cap or any other display dumps?

We will also need the kodi.log from /storage/.kodi/temp.

Please downgrade to 20211207 and enable debug logging in kodi. Then reboot and backup /storage/.kodi/temp/kodi.log. Then upgrade to 20211208 nightly and after the reboot please backup the kodi log again. Please share both of them.

@telenova @Warchild
@vpeter found a missing part of handling the user disp_cap file.

So if this is the case you’re using then it should starting working again tomorrow with next nightly.
Please check it then, thx.

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I had the same problem, it is fixed with nightly 20211210, thank you.

But the distorted boot logo remains (see attached picture) , no big problem, but not nice. A few weeks ago it was ok. When CE has started up, everything is ok. I use GUI with 2160p, because the movie posters are much sharper than with GUI in 1080p.

Not sure which recent nightly it started happening in but I’m on the latest one now and the Player Debug Info is showing everything as being interlaced video. It happens with anything that is played.
I played 3 test files (ISS_4k_HDR10plus_ff.mp4, TravelXP 4K HDR HLG Demo.ts, test_file.mkv) and all showed as interlaced from the Player Debug Info
kodi.old.log (767.1 KB)

From your log it looks like all is correct checking interlace vfmt: null and it should be progressive

So it’s just a bugged visual thing and can be ignored?

Make a screenshot where you see it. From kodi log it’s progressive video.


Check current nightly please if it fixed for you

Yeah its showing p instead of i now. Was it just a visual thing?

Exactly that.

I have a problem whith my s905x3 2gb 100mb Box with both 20 änd 19.4 nightly update:

When I upgrade (rar) with the new Nightlys my LAN dont work
But if I take the Image from the same Nightly it works

If i make a rar update again the LAN dont work
If i change the dtb.img file from the Device Tree then it works

I make a file compare with the dtb.img file from the upgrade and the file in the Device tree there are differences

I test the same on a Odroid N2 and a s905x2 Box there is no Problem

Has enyone the same problems ?

Can you clarify this more in detail? Which files are different?

Sorry for my bad english
After the update from rar file LAN dont work
If I take the SD card from the box in the cardreader on the PC and delete the dtb.img file and copy
the file from the device tree (sm1_s905x3_2g.dtb) and rename it to dtb.img then it work
But if i make a update again its the same, LAN dont work

And so i make a file compare from the dtb.img file from the upgrade that dont work and the sm1_s905x3_2g.dtb file from the device tree there are differences

I dont know if this is normal

I have the problems since the las thet 2 or 3 updates , i think