Orbsmart S86 Pro - Bluetooth problems


I have the following problem:

I have an Orbsmart S86 Pro with newest CoreELEC installed.

I want to pair the Amazon Fire TV Stick Remote Gen 2 but it doesn’t work.

I already tried it with “bluetoothctl” like in this thread (Amazon fire remote on s905x with NG build) but it also not working.

I can see that in the download section of CoreELEC the Orbsmart S86 is listed but not the Orbsmart S86 Pro.

The S86 Pro has a newer WIFI (and Bluetooth I guess) chip.

Is it possible that the problem can be found here?

When I try to pair the Amazon Remote to the Android System that is installed by default on the Orbsmart S86 Pro it works like a charm.

enable debug logging and post your kodi.log

Interesting how their website specifically mentions CoreELEC as a dual boot option for the Pro.

It also states that the S86 Pro offers the current standards Wi-Fi 6 / WLAN-ax (instead of Wi-Fi 5 / WLAN-ac) and Bluetooth 5.0, so I suspect may not be supported without additional driver injuction.

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