Please recommended a working Controller odroid n2

I have an odroid n2 and latest stable coreelec installed.

But I am having bad luck with getting a reliable remote to work.

I have a non branded android remote with keyboard.
Which for some reasons works sometimes great then doesnt work even with full charge

I also have official osmc remote which is giving me same hassle.

Sometimes very responsive and sometimes not at all.

Odroid n2 is in same place and I am using a usb 2.0 extension cable, I have tried a few different cables same issue.

If I use my k400+ logitech keyboard it works perfect and at 4m distance.

All remotes have own dongle.

I seem to get worse peformance when using on projector no idea why.

With my vero 4k setup using osmc and the osmc remote i had no issues.

On Kodi on my daughters tv her actual samsung remote works great.

I am happy to buy any remote I just really want it to work correctly, I have to go within 1 meter of my device to get it to respond sometimes.


PS I love coreelec default red theme.

I have zero issues with a basic (and cheap) MX3 Air Mouse 2.4G on 9 different Android TV Boxes running CE. Never tested this in odroid.

I agree with Betatester. That particular remote is what I am using on both of my N2s and it works with Coreelec perfectly.

The only issue you will find is that because it’s controlled via a USB dongle it will happily power down your device but it won’t power it on. I’ve gotten around that by configuring one of the programmable IR buttons on the remote set to my TV’s power button and have CEC power on and off my N2 with the TV.

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Thanks for advise, I have ordered this one
hopefully it will be the same. So many types of that controller.

I would love to be able to power on and off with remote one day also but its not as important as just getting it working for now.

Would you be able to share how you done that.

I dont fully understand how the odroid n2 shuts down when i goto coreelec shutdown sometimes i think it just goes to sleep its very confusing. :slight_smile:


Be more than happy to. I’ll explain once I’m home and have access to my box.

The IR power on code for the N2 can be set by following these instructions.

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How to program the five IR buttons on the MX3 Air Mouse

Alrighty. So I have my CEC settings in CoreELEC (System -> Input -> Peripherals -> CEC Adapter) as such:

You’ll also have to make sure that CEC is enabled on your TV as well. Every manufacturer seems to call their bold interpretation of the CEC standard something different; Samsung calls theirs Anylink+, LG calls theirs Simplink, Panasonic calls theirs VieraLink, etc etc.

Instructions for programming the TV IR power code to your Air Mouse are usually included in the packaging. I’ve seen a couple versions of the instructions included with these remotes from different suppliers and depending on which one you get from Amazon, said instructions can be very poorly translated and damn near unusable. I’ve attached a PDF of the most useable instructions in case you find yourself in that boat.
Keymote.pdf (1.6 MB)

:laughing: As I’m writing this I see Betatester posted a video covering the same thing so you have lots of options.

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I suspect interference is what’s causing you problems with all the remotes you’ve tried.
Try a different USB port for your extension cable, try without an extension cable at all.
Other than that check what other devices you have close by, and try to move the remote dongle away from interference sources.

One more option would be a flirc USB adapter, which allows one to use any remote with any TV Box having a functional USB port available.

As it happens frequently, there is more than one way to skin a cat: from checking for interference over injecting the BL301 blob to using a Universal IR Rremote or a flirc USB adapter.

The Mx3 control solved my issues.

It actually performs really well i am 4 meters back from projector and it responds exactly how it should. No delay or problems with going to fast etc. It has a clicking noise on purpose when you hit the arrow keys which is actually very useful. Overall 100 percent better than my other controls.

Thanks for the instructions, I will have a got at them later and let you know how I get on.

Using the coreelec cec settings above and program your remote video will that let me power off the device the same as going to coreelec shutdown with the remote?

I am confused alittle :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody for help.


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My suggestion would be to go from easy to hard. Start with teaching the MX remote the power on/off codes for the box and escalate from there till it works.

Thanks for letting us know this remote works perfectly fine with odroid.

I got the hardkernel IR remote, but the problem is it’s a bit sluggish with some skins and not exactly all that great. So I’m thinking about getting the controller you recommend but before that, I need to know one thing. I have my Odroid N2 hooked up via a Denon receiver through HDMI and I can control the volume on the receiver and not the software volume on the CoreELEC with this IR remote. Will this remote controller be able to do the same? That’s the only thing I have to know, I already got this in my cart, just word will decide if I should checkout. If it can, that’ll be awesome. Thanks in advance

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve got my N2 connected to the TV directly via HDMI and returning optical audio to my receiver as a way to bypass my trusty (but old) receivers inability to passthrough 4K HDR.

I feel like you should be able to but I can’t say for certain without playing around with my setup to try. @Betatester are you able to confirm based on your use case?

Oh okay, when I used to use yatse on Android, the volume controller on it controls the software volume, but it’s on wifi so I can’t confirm about the Bluetooth, it was helpful when I was using my old Yamaha receiver (20 years old, still awesome and still awesome, it’s amazing) don’t wanna spend more money without confirming anything you know. Already spent quite a bit with the eMMC, IR Remote, eMMC writer (shipping rates are rediculous). If anyone’s able to confirm this, would be so great.

Your reasoning is sound. I have done similar myself a many times successfully.

CE should automatically detect which output is wired to the receiver, but just in case it doesn’t: Setting/System/Audio/Audio output device, and just change it to whatever you want.

See Kodi Wiki


@travissolaman I’ll muck around with my setup this weekend if I have time and see if I can accomplish anything.

just throwing another suggestion out there.

I just started using this remote in place of my G20 (which would randomly just have buttons stop working on my N2). I was able to program the TV to the volume buttons, and then program the N2 with the xbox power button, so I’m able to turn everything (N2, TV, Receiver) on and off via CEC, and the TV volume is able to control the receiver via CEC.

Works very well IMO, even though everything is IR based.

Not sure what planet I was living on, but I just checked the volume button on my MX3 Air mouse and it controls the receiver volume just fine. No settings changed… My apologies, I was under the impression that it didn’t and proceeded to never use it, apparently…

Anyhow, there you have it.


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Oh no, very much appreciated, gonna order it right away, that’s all I wanted, hardkernel remote is very minimal, not a lot of buttons, good for an average user. But this mx3 air mouse looks very promising, got a lot of buttons and the keyboard. Just wanted to know about the AV receiver controls. Thank you very much for confirming this. Makes life a little easier lol.

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