Request for upgrade driver RTL8153B

Hello, please upgrade driver RTL8153B, for new adapters USB GIGABIT LAN. From topic :

Driver ? :

You are welcome to send a Pull Request adding support for this driver.

Sorry im a noob of that stuff… how to send ? I write post at forum long time ago

I guess you need to wait then.

It’s possible to add driver manual ?

Are you still using the X96 S905X or do you have a newer device?
I can make a build for you to test with the updated driver.

Hi TheCoolest,
I could also try if you can do the build, I have a 905X3 and a Vim3.

Do you have problems with your RTL8153 adapter as well? Here’s an amlogic-ng build for you to try:

@procsa I tried the driver you linked, but it doesn’t build on the 3.14 kernel we use for older devices.

Yes, I was using a tp link ue330 adapter when I had a 905X without Gbit, I described the problem here Nightly builds (NEW) .
I’ll try in a few hours when I get home.

Yes i use X96 S905X and gigabit usb lan adapter on RTL8153 chip, but is show only 100M lan and packet drop, bad driver, now i check your bulid and wirte to you

My build is only meant for newer devices, it won’t work on S905X.

@ TheCoolest me X96 S905X not boot after instal that update, can you try make bulid for me, and update realtek driver ? pls :slight_smile:

No. I told you this build is for new devices only.
The driver you linked doesn’t work on the older kernel used for S905X.

Hmm so bad, sorry, and thx… its no new driver for realtek for S905X ?

I’m not aware of a newer driver that works on 3.14 kernel.

@borza Try this build, using driver v2.12.0.

@procsa I found sources for driver v2.12.0, and it builds successfully. Try this build:

Much thanks bro ! you me God ! Its work ! At last i hve work 180Mbps video fine !!

With driver 2.09 the problem was not completely fixed, it is still unmount the usb devices.
with the latest version (2.12.0) it seems to be going well.

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