S905X2 or S922

I am going to buy a TV box for coreelec, follow for a short time, hesitate in S905X2 and S922X, maybe S912. I am confused, which is better for coreelec compatibility, and considering the new version of KODI in the future

  1. It’s better to get a SBC rather than a box.
  2. S922X > S905X3 > S905X2 > S912.
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Don’t forget the S905D3 (VIM3L). :slight_smile:

With an SBC you are guaranteed full compatibility as the team has access to all of the available SBC’s.

If you buy an Android TV box then you could have problems with Wifi or Bluetooth and without direct access to hardware then it is not always possible for us to support these devices completely.

who knows the difference between S905D and S905X2?

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S905D is very old now and discontinued, S905X2 is an updated chip with a much newer GPU and is clocked slightly faster.

about S905X2, is the version of coreELEC just in Nightly? no stable version?

The D marks a SoC that’s designed for boxes with tuners.
So the S905D is similar to S905X except the support for internal TV tuner.
The S905X2 is a new chip. Same CPU cores, but clocked higher, and new GPU.

if I consider the TV box with S905X2, which brand can be recommended? I want to get the better compatibility box with coreelec OS.

Thank you

I think you mean: S905D3 (wim3L) and S905X2 … isn’t it?

it’s difficult to buy the s905d3 box, so I consider the s905x2. I hope someone can recommand a TV box with S905X2 for me. X96 MAX or GT1-mini, or any else

There are a number of things that can influence a decision and I’ve spent months mulling over my update from an S912 and have just ordered an A95X Max as it offers the versatility that I need for the uses that I will have.

But I would advise that you dive in to reviews, forums and user experiences where you can get a better idea of how a particular device may fit your own individual needs.

X96 Max is a quality “cheap” box, i can recommend it
I have the 4/64GB version, CE runs on it without any problems (glan, wifi, bt) and it’s very fluid, if you need it for CE then buy the 4/32 version and you will save 5-6 dollars as CE runs only from microsd card there is no more internal install for nextgen processors except SBC’s, forget the 2GB RAM versions with 100Mbit ethernet
Don’t buy today an S912 box, it’s very old now and the new S905X2 has much better support, also new 12nm fabrication process=lower heat, higher raw performance

Thank you
can be run from USB?

I haven’t tried it so im not sure but it should boot just like from card, but why would you use usb instead microsd? You can buy a 8gb class 10 sandisk ultra microsd for about 2-3 usd

Hi Friend
is your X96 remote working evey well? can power on and off?

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remote is ok.
vfd VFD on X96 Max
remote Remote control X96 mini
CoreELEC BL301 Wake-Up feature [inject_bl301]
Refer to these few posts

I’ve just purchased this device,as my old t95 s905 has eventually packed in,it’s been ages since I’ve installed from fresh.
Could you point me in right direction of dtb and remote conf by any chance? So I can prepare my SD ready for its arrival.
Am I right there’s no installtointernal anymore?

In my memory,nightly no installtointernal 。
X96MAX can refer to these few posts (for VFD remote and wakeup)

I see Khadas are doing a pre-order offer of $49.99 minus a $5 discount code AND FREE SHIPPING (at least to France)
You can even get a ‘HTPC kit’ with remote, case, heatsinks and coreelec preinstalled for €65 with extra discount…
How would this compare to the Odroid N2?