[S922X] Bee-link GT King

Nightly issues need posting in the nightly thread.

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Have you resolved the problem? Im on the same boat…

Mine arrived today. Ordered on singles day from AliExpress. (first one lost in the post, but replacement came within a week from DE)

It’s a Rev A box - Serial on the bottom starts B922. Now to get CoreElec up and running.

hmm… first issue. Restored Kodi from backup - everything looks fine. Scans stuff ok.
When I go to play HD or 4K content from the menu, or if I browse through the videos link, the screen blanks and nothing happens. It box appears to have crashed and I have to pull the power cable.

Any ideas?

This might have something do to with Video switching - when I go in via the web interface and pause playback, then switch something like the refresh rate from say 60 to 59.94, the display comes back and then I can continue watching.

Which remote.conf should I use if I have the magic remote/? The power button not working for me at all.
Everything else seems to work - even the mouse pointer. I have this remote:

try this remote.conf (1.5 KB)

That’s the one which I got from this thread. Power button doesn’t work so can’t put it into standby.

Fixed it. Edit that remote.conf and set
: factory_code = 0x7f800000

(you can get the value 7f80 from dmesg -c output (last 4 digits) - look for a line wrong custom code is 0xXXYYZZZZ. ZZZZ is 7f80 for me)

Then set ircode to 0x51 instead of 0x56. Then power button works.

credit to:

Mine works perfect with this config, what I’v uploaded.
I’ve RevB chip.
Magic… :smiley:

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Weird… must be variants then (mine’s the ‘a’). Hopefully my post will help others with the issue.

This is a modified file,


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I have a Beelink BTKing

Hi, I tried to download it, but it let’s me choose between 2 revisions of RAM:
which one do I have to take
4G rev.b
4G rev.a

You can start from revision a. It should work for both cases…
Or check via ssh:
cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep Serial
290a… is a
290b… is b

This Android TV box hasn’t been used. I don’t know how the performance is. This video introduces the Beelink GT King pro. I don’t know how it is. If you are interested, you can have a look.

someone compared gt king to am6 pro before purchase it?

Is there a reason i would prefer gt king over am6 pro?
Both can run ce on emmc?
More am6 pro is rev. B or rev. A?

Why are you looking at an Android Box if you want to run CE internally ??

Just buy an SBC which will work and is supported.

Is this not the scenario that the ceemmc tool was created to accommodate?

It was not created to encourage members to buy Android Boxes and convert them to CorELEC.
Inconsistencies in chop and changing of internal electronic parts used by the likes of Beelink etc is well documented.
PS: Ugoos has a higher quality standard than most of the Chinese Branded Android Boxes.

Yep, but the price is 30-50% higher than the GT-King.

If You want quality, You have to pay the price
Beelink =! quality

If you want cheap, you get a $35 one. Beelink is rather premium priced compared to those, so may as well get one that’s better. I don’t have either so I can’t say if it’s really that inferior to Ugoos.
I would say though, that after reading there is no way to know if you’re getting the newer or older Rev on Beelink, but still pay the same price, would make me shy away from it.

Both those devices have pretty good reviews, but it’s hard to tell if the reviewers are incentivized or not.