Smart Redraw

Smart Redraw is the successor of dirty regions. It will save CPU power while KODI is idling by only redrawing those parts of the screen that have been changed. So far, this feature is not documented and should be considered experimental. You can enable it by adding the following code to advancedsettings.xml:


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Thank you!

But for what devices?

Odroid C2?

How is it better than dirty regions?

Just tested, it doesn’t show/update some gui info
For example when I switch channels via number it doesn’t show what I type on my remote
If i change some settings it doesn’t show in gui until I switch do different setting.
For now I see only disadvantages from this feature

Nobody said it was better… dirtyregions is being removed though afaik

Produces amusing results on my S905X’s. Dialogue boxes don’t display content and remain on screen permanently, interferes with scrolling plot, backgrounds show though each other when changing windows and the like. Too many distracting, negative effects for me to use it at the mo’. I’ll try again when it’s finished :slightly_smiling_face:

Since it’s a Kodi core feature you can probably help by reporting errors here:

I just enabled this - seems to work just fine on 8.95.3 S905 here. Not sure if it’s a placebo effect but it seems snappier to me, no weirdness in the UI that I’ve seen.

It’s working flawless for me, too.
I’ll keep it activated for now and report any possible flaws upstream.

I found the first very tiny bug. When playing music, the thingiemajib position indicator is stuck. The time bar keeps advancing though, so not too bad.

Another thing i noticed is if you’re cycling through subtitles, the little popup does not refresh.

When you change volume the little circle doesn’t update. Summing up, everything that’s animated is affected. Someone should have a look at core temperatures if Smart Redraw might have a beneficial effect there. Not sure if it’s worth it otherwise.

What is the use for this Smart Redraw? What is it for?

If it’s the replacement for dirtyregions>0, it’s useless for me. It does not fix the subtitle stutter on my S912 box.
If it’s to lower the temps, I don’t care for that since have no temp issues…

Well, it does lower the CPU temp.
On my X92 box (with slightly bigger heatsink) I get these temperatures:
Without advancedsettings.xml -> 47/51°C (playing/idle)
With (for me) necessary dirtyregions>0 in advancedsettings.xml -> 49/55°C
With both commands, dirtyregions>0 and smartredraw -> 47/51°C

Decided to keep both commands cause did not experience (yet) any drowback…

On my S912 box, im quite certain that it fixes the subtitles stutter.

With dirtyregions, my box is around 65C, with smartredraw its around 49C.

Try with this test video, which I use for testing

Just tried the clip you sent, works flawlessly.

For me, Smart Redraw compared to dirty regions is like day and night: smooth gui that can compare to what I get with an Nvidia Shield TV.

OK, good for you, as I still have to use “dirty regions” to get rid of the stutter. Running only Smart Redrow does NOT remove the stutter on my S912 box.

Strange, my GUI is smooth and snapy without Smart Redrow, so that I cannot see any difference, with or without it.