The Future: Odroid N2

If you mean Netflix, then no. We’re limited by software decoding, and I would also bet that Netflix wouldn’t allow 4K/HDR streaming on this sort of devices anyway.
If you have a 4K HDR TV, it’s probably better to use the built in Netflix/Amazon app anyway, especially if you own an LG TV, where you get Dolby Vision HDR, which is superior to HDR10.

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Pre-ordered a 4G model as well. Can’t wait to get it next month and try it out. My C2 has been a solid workhorse and will continue on another TV.

4K drm requires HDCP. Chrome on Linux can’t do 4K. So no this is not possible but it is not a hw limitation.

It should not be 1€=$1. But with customs you will probably end up 1€=$1.

If someone was buying a new box for CE would this be a better way of “future proofing” then say an S912 box?

As for performance, how would you compare this to an S912?



No idea about future proof. About power, it has a lot and a hell lot more than a S912. As I said 1080p Netflix SW decoding without a single stutter and temperature 42°C. Benchmark suggest it is fast. GPU is also fast. Would be interesting to hear some Retrogaming experience @shanti?

As far as emulation/retro gaming goes, the N2 is amazing at it, you can clearly see it when you run a SNES game with shaders and 1 or 2 frames of run-ahead enabled, which makes for a very nice emulation experience, almost zero lag and very steady FPS. In comparison the S905/S912 can barely handle 1 frame of run-ahead with no shaders!

PSP runs very well (still not as good as x86, but its very playable) games that were not playable in S905/S912 now play much better, and N64 is also and improvement and it plays much better! but there are still some issues to fix with N64 (as always).

There are still some other small issues in general to fix, mostly related to frame buffer but it is not a deal breaker!


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I’ll order one as soon as CoreElec supports it. :wink:

What rsolution you can play PSP?

Are you using MP64 standalone?

this one

PSP at 2x or without buffering (which equals to about the same 2x) don’t get me wrong you won’t be able to run ALL PSP games at full speed, (don’t even think of God of War) but it is way better than S905/S912

I am using the Libretro core for now, Stand alone mp64 compiles fine but I have some GFX issues I need to fix .

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Thanks. would be great to play N64 at 1080p.

Just bought it! Let’s see how long it takes to get it, 20 USD shipping is not that bad.

Are any coreelec images available? I have seen two branches in github but nothing else.

Thanks for the time you’re putting into it!


We plan to have an Alpha grade N2 image ready for shipping day or very soon after.


Any idea when the official resellers will have it in stock?

How about hardware SD upscaling? Just as bad quality as S905/S912? Will it be possible to use sw decoding with Lanczos3/Spline36 upscaling to 1080p?


Looking at it it will probably work out cheaper to go direct.


The dolby vision, is the novelty that could make me switch to X922.

And a more fluid interface (60fps against 40 currently) in 4K. Do you notice an increase in fluidity when many pockets are displayed?

in the future, do you know the features that Kodi could offer with HDMI2.1 compatibility?

I mentioned before that DV doesn’t work.
Not sure what pockets you are talking about, but the GUI is much much faster now, but I haven’t tested it at 4K.
It’s not a full HDMI 2.1. It can only get up to 4K @ 75Hz. The other relevant feature would be VRR, but what is the point of it for a media player? I kind of doubt we’ll support this, unless somebody upstream implements it.

that it does not work, does it mean that it will never work with x922 ?

Improved fluidity of the graphical interface, good news. Can you make a video test by displaying the framerate with box 912 VS 922 ? to know the% improvement.