TrustOnX TOX3 S905X4 my experience

Hi, I’m new to CoreElec.
But been using Pi3 and vero 4k+ with OSMC many years.

Want to share my experience on TOX3 configuration.
I think it can be useful for someone like me.

CE can be installed on SD/USB using Information [How to install CoreELEC], it’s straightforward.
If it works great and you want to use 150mb/s emmc speed. It’s possible to migrate CE to internal storage using ceemmc. I would not recommend, at least for beginners. My experience was not pleasant - works, but unstable.
Be sure you know how to restore factory OS.

My setup and use-cases: YouTube + MPEG-DASH
, Arctic: Zephyr - Reloaded skin

What i did first:

  1. Update TOX3 firmware. Using Amlogic burning tool.
  2. Write CoreELEC-Amlogic-ne.arm-20.2-Nexus-Generic.img.gz on 32Gb USB3.0 dongle.
  3. Copy and rename sc2_s905x4_4g_1gbit from Device Trees.
  4. Start TOX3 using stick method.
    Working! But got white lines on wmv3 videos from elementum.

Found solution on forum - update kernel:

  1. Upload CoreELEC-Amlogic-ne.aarch64-20.3-Nexus_nightly_20240108.tar to update folder via ssh.
  2. After reboot got super directory not found error. So I was forced to reinstall nightly build from scratch.
    Skin has small flickering in transactions. AND youtube hd/2k/4k 60fps got terrible distortion (becoming worse with on gui menu calls)

Some people on forum say 21.0-ne has no such problem
Installing 21.0-ne:

  1. I perform clear installation of CoreELEC-Amlogic-ne.aarch64-21.0-Omega_beta2-Generic.img.gz
    This one is the best so far. No flickering in menu, youtube 4k hdr 60fps is OK. wmv3 has green artifacts :frowning:


I would recommend using CoreELEC-Amlogic-ne.aarch64-21.0-Omega with TOX3, at least for now.
Also make sure to backup your first successful configuration on your PC. For me it saves lots of time.
I used my backed up config on each new installation and it works perfectly.


Hope I choose right forum thread and easy to reed format. Was not able to add all links dew to newbie limitations.


Try slimbox firmware and - ng builds, let me know how it’s going compared to -ne

Not sure you have the Tox3, but it is quite amazing.
They have created several updated firmware’s, the latest being the end of Nov. 2023. It supports HDR 10 and HDR 10+, with Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA. I also supports AFT. This is with the stock firmware.

Toss in CoreELEC and it is a fantastic sub $50 USD media player.

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I thought ng not supporting SC2 (S905X4)?

Are slimbox and CE correlated?
I know slimbox is a nice android media player. But all I want is native Kodi with all the possible rights, like power of/on TV over CEC. Is it possible over android?

Right now I have lots of issues with current build.
Some videos stagger, some a glitchy.
YouTube stops working, and needs rebooting once in a while.

Yes stock is pretty powerful. But I struggle to find android app wich can compete with Kodi in terms of:

  • changing interface for my needs
  • use trakt as torrent source
  • yatse is superior remote
  • can use tract to add movies to watch list at any time.

I been using Kodi on my new Sony tv from android TV.
It works nice, but can’t open some formats. And unable to power tv on and off. Can’t be loaded on boot.
I can’t get Vero V, because I live in Russia.
So I decide to check out TOX3

coreelec:dev [CoreELEC Wiki] generic :thinking:

How do i install using ceemmc? I just get device not supported and can only choose option 3 and 4.
Also my G60 controllers OK button does not work, any ideas?

I also had only 3 and 4 option, I used 3.
Can’t say about controller. Don’t use one.

Now I end up installing Kodi to latest tox3 frimware.
Works amazingly well. Granted root via magisk.
Fix code for powerOff screensaver. So Kodi can control TV.

How did you get the remote to work in coreelec?

Did you find your answer about the remote working in CE?

nope, i have bigger issues with the box though

Just a comment on this device. I know it does NOT support Dolby Vision, but some of my Dolby Vision rips play in HDR 10+, while some only play in HDR 10.
For a device less than $60 USD that is quite impressive. This box used to be less than $50 USD, but still a bargain.

Kudos to all of the Dev’s that made this possible.

I am also impressed and am glad I chose this box.
I had a better experience with the NG version than the NE version. I had trouble there.
Now I’m testing the Nithly NO version and I’m very impressed. Everything is going so well so far that Coreelec could even support this box ;). I would also like to give Coreelec a big compliment.

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Seems like I have to try the .no variants, for me the .ne Omega behaves badly on this box. I need to find out if its related to LG tv or other addons. Plexmod for Kodi, from dontpanick/ pannal is not nice, playing directly through NFS also skip’s some frames. Hope to test and tune more this weekend. Nice box, btw! And plenty of ROMs for it.
Talking about running CE from sdcards not from internal, maybe I should try it.

With the NO-Nightly-Build I had trouble establishing the SMB connection to my NAS for the first time. Then I tried over NFS, unfortunately it didn’t work either and then I tried again over SMB and suddenly it worked. I have no idea what caused it…
And now everything runs without interruption.

Did you VFD setup worked with the latest version? I had to downgrade to the previous version. Dunno if its related to my ATV slimbox 34 firmware?

NFS was broken by LE in last builds. But I think it should work again with last nightly build, not sure anymore.

Yes, VFD works. But i just placed the File that i had in the right folder.
I have the original latest Android-Firmware on emmc

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OK. When I tried it, I was on the older version. I will try again with the latest nightly to connect the NAS via NFS. Thanks for the hint