Ugoos AM6 B plus - no audio passthrough option

hi Coreelec dev team. there is no working DTB file for the new 2.2Ghz S922X-J AM6B plus model. when you use the only Ugoos AM6 DTB (in the new NG installation file) all you see is bluetooth audio in the audio menu in Kodi. there is no other option to select. Can you please update the DTB file to add passthrough audio .
thank you.

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I have exact same problem. CoreELEC team please look into this.

@Portisch Log here

hi zeeya, can you check your link, i cant see it.

Updated check now

@markj34 From where you extracted the dtb? I have the same model AM6B PLUS

just the one you see in the main device tree folder, there is only one am6 DTB in the new installation folder. But considering this is new model, Rev B, i would assume there should be a rev b DTB???. however when you do a upgrade using the 9.2.7 installation wizard then you see 2 ugoos DTB’s to choose from???. which just confused the hell out of me and thats when I stopped …

When I used the AM6 dtb file from the “device trees” folder the device doesn’t boot at all. I searched for it I found that a suitable dtb of minix and gtking can be used but no wifi with that. I used dtb from CoreELEC 9.2.7 version device boots but Passthrough doesn’t work.

its obvious there is something mixed up here, Rev a, is marked as Rev A DTB, but rev B, is just AM6. when when you down load the device tree folder all you is AM6. dtb… confused…

Is this for CoreELEC 9.2.7?

yes, cos in v19.2 matrix, you dont get any DTB options. I got 9.2.7 to run with wifi working, just no pass through audio.
yes we both got to the same point, wasting hours in the process…

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I have installed 19.2 with the 9.2.7 dtb same problem with me. No passthrough.

Can’t support every noname box or new boxes nobody owns. If Ugoos had any interest in CoreELEC they would contribute.

er, Ray, Ugoos is one of the top NAME android boxes after Nvidea Shield, and consistently comes top of the recommended hardware boxes for Kodi. just search on the web site. and has supported Coreelec in the past, its just this new Rev B hardware version seems to be the problem…

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They could be Google I would not give a damn.
They are not the top recommended boxes for CoreELEC might be that they are for Kodi but CoreELEC is not Kodi we fork Kodi. You are free to use it as an Android Box with official Kodi.

When they release new hardware revisions they should contribute and update the dtb. But they don’t do it because their main market is Android.

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I bought this box mainly for CoreELEC use.
CoreELEC team please look into this and provide a suitable dtb. I have provided the log since it is asked for.
Ugoos AM6B PLUS box is rated as second only to Nvidia Shield in benchmark tests and I think not a noname box.
Hope the solution is provided by the experts here at CE.

If you want to have the Kodi interface and add-ons combined with full hardware functionality, simply run the stock firmware with Kodi and Launcher for XBMC from the play store to boot directly into Kodi.

If you want the Ugoos AM6B PLUS box ultimately working with CE, by all means, please contact the manufacturer and be just as diligent as you are here in requesting them to co-operate with our developers, which is something they so far have failed to do. So long they refuse to co-operate, Team CoreELEC is unable to help you.


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