Unbricking the TR99 X2 (S905X2)

I got hit today by the 9.2.4 update bug that rendered S905X2 boxes with BL301 injected inoperable.

Here’s a step-by-step that got me recovered again - similar should work for other boxes, provided you find the firmware and know which pins to short-circuit on the NAND, or have the patience to try them all. It’s easy when they’re exposed like in this box.

You will need:

  • a Windows machine
  • a microSD card (4GB should be plenty)
  • something to short the NAND pins - a SIM tray needle worked for me
  • a plastic tool to pry the box open

And the steps:

  1. Prepare the SD card
    1. Download and unpack BurnCardMaker
    2. Download the appropriate firmware image
    3. Run BurnCardMaker, select the SD card in the drop-down
    4. Check all the boxes on the left
    5. Click the bottom-right button
    6. Go through the formatting process and exit
    7. Wait for the tool to complete writing the image
  2. Get the PCB out
    1. Open the TR99 with a plastic prying tool around the edges - there are two plastic hooks each side
    2. Unscrew the two small Philips screws
    3. Lift the PCB out from the front (where the LEDs and antenna wire is soldered)
  3. Run the recovery
    1. Insert the microSD into the slot
    2. Connect HDMI to the box
    3. Use the SIM tray needle, a multimeter probe or something like it to short-circuit lines 4-5 on the left of the NAND (marked red)
    4. Connect the DC power
    5. Wait 5 seconds, the green droid should show up and the process starts
    6. Wait until it completes and you’re done!

Thanks @Portisch for pointing me in the right direction!


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