Bl301 injection, problems, help,

Fantastic! Thanks both :smiley:

Has there been any progress supporting S912?

I have inserted the blobs on my minim8s box and it has been working great with cec

I got portisch bootloader working too on my s912 box too

Hi All, So I ended up bricking my T95N S905X. Are there any instructions for recovery? I cant seem to find any other than “shorten eMMC”

Thanks heaps!

When you don’t see the vendor logo on power on it’s bricked and you need to shorten eMMC.
When you open the device may you are able to make a UART Log?

These should provide a starting point for your unbricking

You will of course have to resolve a couple of things for your own device … specific firmware and location of pins to be shorted.

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Have a read here


I am more interested into your box as it’s a “standard” p212 board. What Android image you had flashed on the device? You have a image for me to check it? Or you had something different installed on the box?
Was there a installtointernal performed or you booted from uSD/USB?


Inject bl301 is not available in CoreELEC GUI setting with on GXL devices

Yes, this is because it’s still at a experimental development stage. Check the how-to how to use it.

Yes, used it, works like a charm :wink:

Hi everyone,
I am quite new to Coreelec and I bought a box just to run it as it was the kind of OS I needed.
However, after applying the bl301 injection through Coreelec hardware settings, my box never rebooted…
Now, it seems that it won’t power on, it does nothing when pressing the reset/recovery button and I don’t see it on my wired network so I can’t use SSH…
I am wondering if my box is bricked and thus, if I need to try the guide from JohnBoyz or if I am missing something?
The box I have is X96 Max+ 4/64.
Any help will be much appreciated.

Edit: if it is bricked, is there a way to just use the USB burning tool to restore the box to its initial state or is the short circuit the only option?

2nd edit: I opened up my box to check how it was inside and the PCB of teh X96 Max+ is different from the one shown in the guide from JohnBoyz.

What CE version you had installed when applying bl301? Does you see a vendor logo when plug in DC?

When you have the box already open can you attach a UART adapter?

The reset button does normally nothing. It’s only for push and hold when apply DC power.

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Hi Portisch, thanks for your reply.

I was using CE when I applied bl301. Now, nothing happens when I plug in DC, no vendor logo, really nothing. However, on one of my HDMI hub, I can see that there is some electric activity as there is a LED on this HDMI hub when DC is plugged on my board.

I do not have a UART adapter and I don’t know if it’s compatible with my board. However, considering how cheap it is, I can buy one if it can solve my problem. I also need to buy a USB type A-A cable as I don’t have one at the moment as I have no way to link the board to my PC at the moment.

Here are 2 pics of my board if it can help:

Thanks again for your help.

Edit: Updated the link to the pics with better images.

Edit 09/13: if anyone happens to have the same problem with its X96 Max Plus at some point, here are the pins to short:

I have the inject bl301 in the GUI on my gxl device.
Is it because I had then upgraded to

Actually it appeared also for me, I do not know if because of some reboot or because I have actually injected bl301

It’s only visible on GXL if it got injected manually in console before. When you disable it in CE settings it will be hidden on next reboot.

I made some test on my four A95x-B7N

It works but often the device is turned on for no reason if the TV is switched on, even if I do not go to the HDMI input where the box is connected. It happens with two different TV (hisense and samsung).

And at least once I needed to power cycle the box because I could not switch it on with remote or HDMI CEC

Disable “active route” for CEC in CE settings.

I will do it. What this option is supposed to do? The description is quite cryptic