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Khadas VIM3l users

Please be sure you have a file /flash/dtb.img on your current eMMC installation before upgrade to CoreELEC-19-Matrix! Otherwise the device will stop booting and a recovery will be needed!

Open a SSH connection and check it by:

CoreELEC:~ # ls /flash/dtb.img

If the output look like this the system is compatible and can be upgraded to CoreELEC-19-Matrix. If you get a “file not found” please restore your system like with a Android image or a compatible krescue image before upgrade! Please keep in mind the VIM3L HTPC kit is including a not official image by Team CoreELEC so maybe it does not support the upgrade as well.

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Update from RC4 on S905x3 box Bqeel Y8 max went flawlessly.

Here updated on a N2, no issues…

Good job CE Team!
Is this issue: CoreELEC 19.1-Matrix_rc4 Discussion - #48 by nfm886 fixed?


Looks like it’s fixed. For now, no problems at all. Gonna test it more.


No, it’s not fixed :< After night, after wake-up, wi-fi was not connected…

Update from RC4 on S905x box Bqeel M9C Max was smooth, CE been installed on emmc. Performed reboot twice to regain power from usb.
Same smooth update on Odroid C4 from RC3 to 19.1.

Sorry for the inconvenience if this thing has added to last version: CoreELEC 19.1-Matrix (I’m still using RC4), but:
Could be possible to use “shutdown image” (red circles on the screen) when CE is shutting down for Matrix releases?

I have several TV-Boxes, and, for example, in one with CE 9.2.7, when the order of shutting down is sent, these “red circles on the screen” confirm me that CE received the order.
With CoreELEC 19.1-Matrix RC4, I have more or less 15-30 seconds where I’m not sure if CE received the shutdown order or not, until the display of the TV-Box turns off.

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Hi. Update from rc4 to 19.1-Matrix on S905X Mecool M8S Pro Plus 2/16, without any problem (on emmc dual boot).
BUT still no WiFi found, never was found even with older versions. I think there is a topic I can post this wifi issue but I cannot find it again, if anyone can help I’d appreciate it.

Here you go:

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I’ve updated from rc4 my two S905X boxes, an X96 and a Trongle X4, no issues, thanks guys.

Just tried to update from rc4 on my N2. When I enter the Update channel and select the 19.1, it downloads the 19.1RC1 and downgrades. Not sure something’s wrong with the link or whether this is just me. I’ll ssh and wget now.

Strange. On my box, an info window popped up, that there is a new update available. If I want to download it.

Yep, had that too. But I have the Emby add-on which updates on every startup. It’s toast message shows up and closes again and takes the CE update window down with it. You don’t have enough time to click “download”. The same happened with the release notes after I’ve successfully updated manually. Had no time to read it as they were “taken down” by the Emby message auto-closing. Not sure this is an Emby or Kodi problem. No big deal though, as I was expecting to be able to install it via the CE addon. But there the Matrix 19.1 entry seemed to be linked against the 19.1RC1 tar file.

Airplay regression
On my ODROID-C4 airplay stopped working after the update to the 19.1 final.

I can see Kodi as airplay device and select it on iOS or macOS and play to it as usual but Kodi does not show any indication of receiving the stream and there is no sound.

I can reproduce the error back to the 20210503 nightly. In 20210429 airplay still works.

Any ideas?


Im on RC4, and I too had the problem where it downloads and installs the RC1 release.

I have updates set to “manual” in the Coreelec config. When I go to “available versions” it lists all of the RC versions as well as the new 19.1 release. When I choose that one, the download popup shows it downloading the RC1 file.

Hi Guys,

Is there going to be a build for the Wetek Play2?



CoreELEC 19 with Kodi Matrix no.

Hmm OK… Is that because of a technical limitation or just someone pissed off with Wetek?

Just technical limitation.

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