CoreELEC 20.1-Nexus Amlogic-ng Discussion

@vpeter : ok I’ll try to forget about the 10G taken by android… :wink:
dns wasn’t working… somehow CE didn’t take the 2nd DNS entry from the DHCP server… took pi hole down, everything else went to 2nd DNS entry but somehow CE doesn’t show it.

Found it easily by looking at the Kodi log…

Of course Youtube doesn’t work… gives a
But the first step, apparently a youtube video, is removed… - YouTube

Anyone how can point me to a working instruction?

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I have the same problem. Where can I open a bug to report this problem?

I have a problem with the USB Wifi adapter. If I restart the box, it doesn’t have a Wifi connection, it probably doesn’t detect the USB wifi at all, it tries multiple devices… Just disconnect from the USB and connect and get a connection, but it’s very annoying. Is there some command that could be given to that would restart the USB ports?


I have an Odroid-N2+ running the latest CoreElec 20.1-Nexus.

I have been having an issue for a fair while now, i think back to v19. But i have just been working around it, but i finally need to get it sorted.

The two issues we have are:

  1. Watching any video from a clean boot, everything works fine. But when I go to play another video afterwards, more often than not there is no sound. I need to reboot the N2+ for sound to start working again. This isn’t just with another video but menu sounds also stop working - no sound at all until rebooted. When the sound stops i have tried to change my sound output on the TV but still no sound, so i am sure its an issues with CoreElec/N2+ and not say the TV or soundbar.
  2. When you pause most (not all) videos, and then you resume, the audio sounds really deep like it is in slowmo. I have to press Stop instead and restart the video to make the sound return to normal.

I am primarily looking for a resolution to issue 1, as issue 2 isnt hard to work around, however any input on that would also be appreciated as i would rather it didnt happen.

I have tried swapping most key settings around but have not noticed an improvement.

Current audio settings:
Audio Output Device: ALSA: Default (AML-AUGESOUND Analog), PCM
Number of Channels: 2.1
Output Config: Best Match
Volume Control Steps: 20
Maintain Original Volume On Downmix: On
Stereo Upmix: Off
Include LFE in Stero Downmix: 0%
Boot Centre Channel When Downmixing: 0db
Resample Quality:Medium
Threshold for Pitch Correction: 2
Keep Audio Device Alive: 1 Minute
Send Low Volume Noise: Off
Play GUI Sounds: Only When Playback Stopped:
Volume: 100%
GUI Sounds: Kodi GUI Sounds
Allow Passthrough: Off

N2+ is plugged directly into an LG CX TV via HDMI, with the sound set to play through a Samsung Q800T Soundbar via HDMI


I think a debug file would be helpful.

Reproduce the problem and then post the debug URL.

Why do you use “AUGESOUND Analog” instead of HDMI output device? Did you try selecting HDMI output device?

Currently on Matrix on my odroid c4, can I perform a standard manual update to nexus ng version?

It’s not recommended nor supported. But yes. Back up your version, throw the update file into the update folder, reboot twice and that’s that. The more add-ons you have, the more likely it isn’t working. But you can surely try.

I have a similar issue on my device Phicomm-N1(not supported). The problem started since 19.5rc1 and all the later versions have the same issue. 19.4 is fine.
My device is connected throuh a Yamaha avr to the TV with hdmi connections. The phenomenon is: after playing a 5.1 channel content, there is no sound for all the 2.0 channel contents, including the UI sound effects. But it’s still ok to play other 5.1 channel contents.
Restarting the avr or the TV doesn’t work. Rstarting kodi doesn’t work either. Only rebooting my device works.
So I’m still staying at 19.4 and this is just FYI.

How stable are other people finding 20.1 on the N2+?

I’ve been running it just over a month but it crashes and I need to pull the power cord roughly every second day. I recently bought a cheap S905X4 box and it seems more stable already. Just curious if it’s just me?

Mine was rock solid. You may have a corrupted/damaged sd card or an emmc issue if you use one.

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It WAS an upgrade from Matrix.
Looks like I’ll need to do a hard reset. :frowning:

A fresh new install between Kodi/CE major versions is highly recommended, yes.

It’s not just you. My N2+ 2GB emmc also freezes all the time. I’ve tried running from SDcard, even tried LibreElec and another power source but the freezes remain. Seems to suggest a hardware problem. I kind of suspect that something is still not right with the ethernet driver.

Samba shares used?
I see kodi freeze sometimes after resume from suspend, not every time but sometimes.
SSH is still active and systemctl restart kodi do work. But it’s no solution.

I did now a clean install and will need to observe if the issue is gone or not…

I was havin the same crash on 20.1 on my n2 . ended up bck at 19.5

I think it is related to samba, but it’s on our own to debug and find the bug…

Is samba.conf activated by default? Maybe the hardware is slightly incompatible with an option.

khadas vim 1. same problem freeze, only power reboot.