Homatics Box R 4K Plus

@djnice Please test again with this update:

Please ensure again all is set to auto!
Boot, start your media for a few seconds then stop (keyboard x if nothing on screen).
Then dmesg | paste again please.

It should now boot in GUI 420, 12bit.
On DV start it should switch to RGB, 8bit.
After stop in GUI it should be 420, 12bit again.


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Manualy set:


Looks like the same issue as above. There is currently no option to use the LLDV (422) mode. So if both modes are available RGB is used. But it uses RGB, 12bit right now what not all TV like and need to be forced to 8bit.

You can also test this test update above:

Switching the gui to 1080p also fixed the blank screen with the p5 and p8.1 demos in your screenshots.

Same, DV playback in RGB 12bit.
GUI is 1080p YUV 444 12 bit.
I’m tried with 4K GUI (YUV 420 12 bit) too, but the DV playback is the same RGB 12 bit.


I think we can reuse part of ceemmc infrastructure to use storage from emmc in little nicer way.

Use at your own risk ! Same applies to solution above.

mkdir -p /media/data
mount /dev/data /media/data
mkdir /media/data/coreelec_storage
systemctl stop kodi
rsync -ah --info=progress2 /storage/ /media/data/coreelec_storage/
umount /media/data

vi /flash/config.ini

# add this line at the end of the file
coreelec='quiet toram disk=FOLDER=/dev/data'

# and reboot

# check everything was done correctly with command

# before
#  /dev/sda1 on /flash type vfat (ro,.....)
#  /dev/sda2 on /storage type ext4 (rw,noatime)

# after
#  /dev/sda1 on /flash type vfat (ro,,.....)
#  /dev/data on /storage type ext4 (rw,noatime,resgid=1065)

# I also add this line in /storage/.config/autostart.sh
# to unmount storage partition from USB stick
mountpoint -q /media/STORAGE && umount /media/STORAGE

Looks like when booting from USB 2.0 port suspend/resume works better and stick is not remounted.

When booting from USB 3.0 port stick is remounted after resume with new name (sda1 → sdb1).

To get suspend/resume working extra script is needed /storage/.config/sleep.d/01-device-suspend.power.

# /storage/.config/sleep.d/01-device-suspend.power

if [ ! -f /dev/SYSTEM ] || ! mount | grep -q "/dev/data on /storage"; then
  echo "squashfs SYSTEM file is not in ram (use toram bootloader parameter)"
  echo "or eMMC partial install is not used"
  exit 0

case "$1" in
    # unmount USB partitions
    for usb_device in /dev/disk/by-id/usb-*; do
      device=$(readlink -f $usb_device)
      grep -wq "^$device" /proc/mounts && umount $device
    while [ $cnt -lt $cnt_max ]; do
      if mountpoint -q /media/COREELEC; then
      	  major_minor=$(mountpoint -d /media/COREELEC)
      	  device=$(readlink -f /dev/block/$major_minor)
      	  umount /media/COREELEC
      	  mount -o ro $device /flash
      if mountpoint -q /media/STORAGE; then
      	  umount /media/STORAGE
      if [ $finish -eq 2 ]; then
      	 echo "all done in $cnt steps"
      sleep 0.25


I did test a bit now by myself and modified the detection.
Now if DV will be used RGB > 1080p will use 8bit instead 12bit, depending of TV used.
I don’t have any information about DV RGB 1080p. Is there also only 8bit possible or 12bit?

But all this require a frame switching. So like GUI 1080p50 to 4k.
When the GUI is already 4k60hz and media is also 4k60hz the frame switch is not performed.

I don’t see right now a way to switch “on-the-fly” the colour depth.

The patch should be in next nighlty included for tests.

When using TV-Led mode, the output must always be RGB 8bit, regardless of resolution and TV (the 12bit DV signal is packed into an 8bit RGB stream so it can be sent through HDMI to be unpacked by the TV. It’s called RGB tunneling).
When using Player-Led (LLDV) mode, the output must always be YUV 4:2:2 12bit.

Using Sony XBR-X900H + RockTek G2 and Homatics R4K+ only work if i use:
FDCD = 8bit
FCS = Auto

Remote B21 works but B25 doesn’t.

Probably someone needs to prepare hwdb changes as were done for B21.

The 8/12bit RGB issue is might be fixed with tomorrow nightly.

When the output is now DV RGB it forces to 8bit. When the output is 422 it forces to 12bit.
Both forces do require a frame rate switch!
So like GUI 1080p50hz → 4k or 1080p50hz → 1080p60hz.

If GUI is already like 4k60hz and DV media is also 4k60hz the colour depth is not changed, only the colour sampling! This will require more time to find a option in kernel how to perform such colour depth change.

I also added a new option under settings->system->CoreELEC to enforce player LED mode when the TV is able to handle it.

By DV quality it is recommended to use TV LED, RGB 8bit mode!

Both changes are temporary and will require more testing!

I think the 4k mode is somehow broken or my tv does not support it when 422 is forced. Not sure…


Hi friends, new HOMATICS pictures
Wifi&Bluetooth AP6275SR3
The AV port is not welded
Maybe be able to patch my network issues?

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sorry to repost this but i was wanting a dev answer.

1: will we be able to install to emmc?
2: are android firmware updates still required?

  1. CoreELEC and Dolby Vision
  2. CoreELEC and Dolby Vision

number 1 is confusing:

Is internal install by he tool ceemmc available?
No, as some items are required to be used from the underlying Android system it is not supported.

then at the bottom it states:

What does the message ‘no “super” partition found’ mean?
Amlogic-ne CE-21 needs Amlogic Android TEE tools from the installed Android system on internal eMMC. Older versions of ceemmc removed such needed partitions. If you encounter this message, a recovery of Android on eMMC is required, after which you can perform a internal install again.

and number 2 is not mentioned

Do you have no Ethernet? If so try rebooting from android into CoreELEC.

The answer is NO

There is no official recovery image provided by the vendor. So after a internal install the device is bricked and Android can not be recovered or renewed.

So it’s locked out completely. We same with other vendors to. It’s about the vendor strategy, not about us.

has homatics been asked about a recovery image?

not even dual boot?

I booted from Android to CE with Ethernet working, and I want CE to add G5009CG driver to make my Ethernet Normal working.