Homatics LEDs addon

Here is new version of the addon. It is combined with work by FoLeY.
It is in rough shape but it does it job. Suggestions welcome.

I also moved some posts from original thread here.

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Is it possible to keep the Knight rider script running in background?

When I close the SSH connection the script also stopped.

I’ve tried to put it in autostart.sh but after the LEDs starts the “kit” the box won’t finish booting.

Btw… The colour and brightness is still the same as all the nightly images before. I can’t see any changes in latest nightly…

Did you try knight_rider.sh &

The LED under Android TV settings has a slider that goes (at this moment), from 0-100. It goes in steps of 5. So 0 is off, 5 least bright, 10 a bit more and so on.

Yes , & for background…
There’s no difference between & and without…

The script ends by closing the SSH connection.

I didn’t use Android much. Thanks for the info.
And can you change the colors too or only the brightness?

nohup /storage/some_path/homatics_knight_rider.sh &

Hehe… Thx @vpeter , it works flawlessly…

But is there a solution to starts the script automatically?

cron @reboot will work :wink:

Cron is Taskmanager? Ore something like that?

Thanks. I dont know what happened. My brightness is 1 too…
Yeah I wrote about android tv brightness settings.
I will try your instuction to set lower brightness. Thx

Easier with autostart.sh:

if [ ! -f /tmp/rider_once ]; then touch /tmp/rider_once; (sh /storage/some_path/homatics_knight_rider.sh &); fi

Thanks again Mr. Problem Solver … It works…


You want it to run when Kodi starts? Then you need to use

and also need to use addon settings xml file.

I can try to transform but not today (too late).

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Second try…

Now you can change the colour of the “kit” to red, blue,green, yellow and purple… But before choosing another colour, you have to reboot CE… Not the best , but don’t know how to make it right.

Maybe someone have fun with it…

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You are on fire. Now I will find some time and make proper service addon from it. Just for fun :slight_smile:


Cool, I added each color sh to the favorites, I can run from favorites widget. . But would be nice when we can switch off, or can choose without reboot…


This is standalone service addon which doesn’t need any external shell script. It starts automatically if enabled in settings. Also color can be set from settings without reboot.
It is not finished but currently I am not in a mood to finish it.


Works just fine.

Is it possible to add a solid (choose-able) color for the whole LED to the addon? Purple for CE mode seems to be very nice (for me). :wink:

Thanks again @vpeter !
Is it possible to not load the knight rider style, but only change the color of the led strip?
What needs to be rewritten in the addon?

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