How to use AV / CVBS Video Output

If you have a device which has analogue video output and would like to use this on an older TV for example then create the following file /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap with the following contents.


If you wish to use your device at a higher resolution again then you will have to remove this file.


R U saying the existence of this /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap file will make use of AV port and disable HDMI port?

no it enable the lower resolutions, which are needed for analog video.
You can store higher resolutions there, for example.


something, and then you have a fixed resolution. Tried this with old LE builds, because if TV is off Kodi used 720p

btw is there a way, to make hdmi and parallel analogue video output? I have a Mecool KI Pro (S905D)

Thank you. Where could you find a complete list with all resolutions?


I just added the disp_cap file on my Venz V10 unit with “576cvbs” in it as this is the resolution I want to run, and voilá, IT WORKS! :smiley: Thanks!

I have an Odroid N2 and want to use it with an old TV (raspberry pi connected now, so I know cable and TV are good). Somehow I haven’t been able to get things to work. HowTos have mentioned editing boot.ini, but that was for a different distribution, so I’m not sure if that is valid for CoreElec, which in it minimalism is quite different from the “rest of the pack” out there.

The Odroid N2 has both HDMI and CVBS output. Does Coreelec auto-detect which of the two outputs is connected, or do I (in addition to creating /storage/.kodi/userdata/disp_cap) also need to edit the boot.ini file, or some other boot-related file?


The cable from the pi doesn’t work on the n2. The pin outs (tip, ring, sleeve) that map to ground and video are different.

If I recall correctly, the n2 uses a more readily available cable that shouldn’t be hard to get from Amazon, eBay, Alibaba…

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As @doug pointed out CVBS cables for RPi and Odroid N2 are different. Basically, video ground and video signal wires are reversed…
See the difference: Rpi cable Odroid N2 cable.


Hi adamg has the ability to use the AV/CVBS as video output been disabled or changed… Problem solved after a few reboots

Nothing has been changed with this.