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@Portisch, I have a test setup that uses default audio ALSA … HMDI. On my daily SD card, i think i do have PCM audio. Neither work. Typing systemctl suspend throws no error on SSH before it goes into suspend. Thank you

Having the same issue, tested this image and still no luck. Thanks for trying!

As a new user of an Odroid N2 i wanted to use the nightly build but i have a strange problem. I added “” but the update channel stays empty. Where is my mistake? Thank you in advance.

im having the same issue as tom . also the coreelec app itself seems very sluggish compared to its usual snappy self. im on a s905x3 box

Download the CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20200407.tar
Copy it to the .update Directory of your N2.

There are no APPS in CoreELEC / Kodi

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i was just referring to the coreelec section of the settings menu, where the update options are located. :smile:

Please run this commands after updating to last nightly 0407:

mount -o remount,rw /flash
fdtput /flash/dtb.img /soc/audiobus@0xFF660000/tdm@1 -d start_clk_enable

Then reboot the device and try suspend again.

In my case,I can wake up N2 from suspended(use a remote key which has setup in config.ini file), what I mean is the power button (which is wired to N2’s gpio pin#31(491) no more work.

It looks like a different issue. First is a kernel panic when entering suspend on S905X3 SoC. But the remove of start_clk_enable is fixing it.

I will take a look later to the gpiopower issue.

The gpiopower=491 should work in tomorrows nightly again, thx for reporting it!

Sorry, but no change. The Update channel remains empty.

@Portisch. That did it! Genius. Thank you. Does this get builtin, or run once and good to go?

The fix will be included in next nightly.

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Not sure what you’re looking for.
If you followed my instructions you should be updated to latest Nightly.
Use SMB to access your N2 and copy the .tar i told you to download manually via PC
No using update channel or whatever.
Nightlies will update automatically via CE Server.

Okay, i had seen another way in this forum using the update channel. No problem.

By the way why you told me to use “CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.2-nightly_20200407.tar” and not the N2-Image above?
And not to forget: Thank you for your help!

At first:
Automatic updates work with the nightly amlogic and amlogic-ng versions.

@Tom means the following and I have seens this also:
Something has changed with the update mechanism compared to the nightlies before (I do not know,
when the change happened, I recognized it last week firstly).

In the CoreELEC-addon under ‘Update’ ‘Automatic Updates’ is set to manual.
Then you can set ‘Custom channel 1’ to
Then Update-Channel is set to ‘CoreELEC 9.0’ (or similar) automatically. And under available version
the current nightly was displayed and you could click to download it.
This was the behaviour in the past.

But now if ‘Custom Channel 1’ is set to again, now ‘Update-Channel’ is set to ‘None’ or is empty and ‘Available Version’ is also empty.

As I said, the automatic download and update works with the NG and no-NG versions, but the behaviour of the CoreELEC-addon is different now (on NG and no-NG nightlies). Was this change made by design?

The file can be downloaded, but I don’t know if the file contents is correct.
There was a similar problem in the past (1 or 2 years ago). @relkai fixed this at that time.


With tonight build(20200408), the power button works again,thanks.

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