[S905X3] Evolveo Multimedia Box C4

Hello, Ive got this box and I was able to run coreelec generic version with s905x3-4gb img.
This box should have 1Gbit LAN, but img with 1Gbit didnt work for me, but its fine and there isnt prolly some ez way to fix it.
Today I wanted to set dualboot on this device… installation seems fine, but after reboot, box is booting back to android and not to coreelec… any hints what can be wrong or how to fix it? thanks

ok, here is the log right after installation


This is not the complete log, only dmesg. But the dmesg shows nothing is installed on eMMC.

Please use /usr/bin/ce-debug or /usr/bin/ce-debug -l | /usr/bin/pastebinit or follow the guide.

ok, debug log is here

All logs look like ceemmc wasn’t run.
Please try again by ceemmc -vx and post the debug output and post also dmesg after first reboot.

debug with -vx http://ix.io/2xCF
first boot from usb log: http://ix.io/2xCK

There is nothing installed:

[    1.045147@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p01]           bootloader  offset 0x000000000000, size 0x000000400000 
[    1.045337@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p02]             reserved  offset 0x000002400000, size 0x000004000000 
[    1.045467@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p03]                cache  offset 0x000006c00000, size 0x000046000000 
[    1.045592@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p04]                  env  offset 0x00004d400000, size 0x000000800000 
[    1.045784@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p05]                 logo  offset 0x00004e400000, size 0x000000800000 
[    1.045935@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p06]             recovery  offset 0x00004f400000, size 0x000001800000 
[    1.046076@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p07]                 misc  offset 0x000051400000, size 0x000000800000 
[    1.046222@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p08]                 dtbo  offset 0x000052400000, size 0x000000800000 
[    1.046372@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p09]             cri_data  offset 0x000053400000, size 0x000000800000 
[    1.046504@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p10]                param  offset 0x000054400000, size 0x000001000000 
[    1.046658@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p11]                 boot  offset 0x000055c00000, size 0x000001000000 
[    1.046792@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p12]                  rsv  offset 0x000057400000, size 0x000001000000 
[    1.047042@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p13]             metadata  offset 0x000058c00000, size 0x000001000000 
[    1.047179@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p14]               vbmeta  offset 0x00005a400000, size 0x000000200000 
[    1.047347@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p15]                  tee  offset 0x00005ae00000, size 0x000002000000 
[    1.047489@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p16]               vendor  offset 0x00005d600000, size 0x000010000000 
[    1.047630@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p17]                  odm  offset 0x00006de00000, size 0x000008000000 
[    1.047784@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p18]               system  offset 0x000076600000, size 0x000060000000 
[    1.047933@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p19]              product  offset 0x0000d6e00000, size 0x000008000000 
[    1.048068@1] meson-mmc: [mmcblk0p20]                 data  offset 0x0000df600000, size 0x000668600000 

There are no partitions created. Maybe you run ceemmc -vx wrong or something else is not supported on your device.

ye, thats why I was asking here, cause everything seems fine, yet nothing is installed :frowning:

When it’s gone after the first reboot something happen in bootloader. This only can be debugged by UART. Open the box and find the UART pin header or go with the SDIO UART adapter if you want to continue debugging.

ok, thanks for help… so its end for me, cause I have zero knowledge about UART etc… so forever booting from usb is my only option it seems… is there a way to find out, if bootloader is locked? mb it can be cause of this?

I don’t know what is going on without a UART log. The system get modified for internal eMMC but the changes are removed on reboot. As there is no error on install it is working but the bootloader remove it. Maybe the partition table is hard coded in the bootloader and so there it will never be possible to use the eMMC. Best is to recover the device with an Android image to be sure every modification done by ceemmc get removed before you continue using this device.

Can you take a backup of your build using SD card boot.
Copy it offline

Then flash a fresh SD Card with no added addons just vanilla stock.

Then try running ceemmc .

did that and now I cant even get to android anymore :slight_smile: only black screen
debug log after installation http://ix.io/2xEF

I still can boot to my usb for now :slight_smile:


any suggestions what to do now? :slight_smile:

You need to Flash Factory Android.

I did look yesterday for the firmware using the name of your box but can only find the official site for Evolveo in CZ and nothing else.

I already contacted evolveo, but they will not provide android img for me… so thats it :slight_smile:

You might have to flash another firmware that has the same hardware specs.

any suggestion which one? this one have s905x3 100Mbit lan

Just to be 100% sure that the picture attached is your box