[S922X] Bee-link GT King

You can find some video on YouTube for both of them to compare…
I don’t know about critical issues…

Yeah I know both devices. Was just wondering if they offer equal functionality in regards to CE or not.

You can also simply do the toothpick part of the process, you don’t have to reinstall CE.

It is the solution ! For sure ! I use an LG TV and when it is Dolby vision content I choose my TV instead of Kodi media player.

The inconvenient for me is the sound without dts hd ma but simple DTS.

In an other way I have to buy a new iMac 4K and I m pretty sure that will offer me all that I want.

For now, I think GT King with coreelec is an awesome way to play all my movie through my personal network.

I got to find some tips to “power on” remote control. But it works really fine for the price !

I have BT KING and I installed CoreELEC V9.2.0 stable and everything works fine, but when I turn off the Kodi with the Power off menu I can no longer power on the box.
Then I have to unplug the box to turn it on
I use original remote from GT King.

Or you can use:

And configure button here

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Thank you,
can i do it like this:
This can be done using windows. Just open windows explorer and put in the address bar:

   \\ yourboxip

Then select the “configfiles” folder and copy the provided file to that location.
Reboot and try the button after this is done.

Thank you CoreELEC team for your all great jobs.
just bought a GT-King on the way.
I want to know is this device support 4K HDR with Max CLL/FALL infoframe data passthrough when its use CoreELEC 9.2?
please tell me about this and thank you

I’ve been upgrading to the last version of the firmware (905) using the SDcard method without any issue. This firmware is supposed to solve ethernet issue on Android, but @boot2k3 apparently experienced that this solve his GBit issue too (on CE).

Also, there is a new SDK available:

It has been answered numerous times - yes.

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I assume they tweaked something in the bootloader which gets Ethernet working right prior to CE taking over the boot process. My Ethernet was pretty much unusable at 1g, but now it works just fine.

thank you so much

I guess you are right.
I don’t think I had ethernet issue with my box, except very high CPU usage when copying file. The new firmware didn’t have any impact for me, at least that I can see.

apologies if it has been answered but can this box run CE from SD and Android from internal at the same time (I mean depending on whether the card is inserted or not)? looking for a replacement for my S912 H96 Pro+ and deciding between this and Odroid N2

Yes, it can.

thanks for the quick reply. any particular reason I should get the N2 then? If I understand the specs correctly the advantages of beelink are wifi and the 64gb internal memory with android. I can get both for the same price of approx. €110 (EU)

Apart from hardware differences, N2 is an SBC board which means that it’s impossible to brick it whatever you do/install on it choosing from many OS images.
Then, don’t know if relevant, there is an Android 10 64bit version in development with first test images…

There is a new model Beelink GT-King Pro out with Amlogic S922X-H that includes Dolby DTS.
They eliminated SPDIF audio output (why ?) which is replaced with RS-232 (wtf ?).
Full metal case and more “ventilation” on the side, they indirectly admitted that there is a thermal issue with Beelink GT-King. I don’t know what to comment on that…i’ve already moded mine to lower the temperature from 60 to 45C.

Buying a GT King is a lottery. Maybe you get a fully working one maybe not. Every second month they put different components to it and design a new pcb, I had a dead remote after a short time along with non working lan and wifi. I not recommend it at all.
I think the N2 is still the best you can get with amlogic SoC but their warranty is ridiculous.

It’s a different device for a different audience.