[S922X] Bee-link GT King

Hi. So I have a small problem with my beelink gt-king running coreelec. I can’t power on or wake up my beelink with any other remote other than the one that it comes with. I can’t wake it up with hdmi cec true my receiver when I change the inputs which works for odroid n2. It powers on when I turn on the the tv but I want to power it on when I change the input on my recieiver and I have usb power on and also inject bl301 blob is set to beelink 2.

beelink gt king pro . After exiting the standby mode, the interface slows down. Only reboot helps.How to fix it?

What do you mean by slowing down? Is it lagging because if it is than maybe the refresh rate is lower for some reason.

After exiting the standby mode Run CPU benchmark and check the result

Just an update for anyone else having issues with CEC and LG OLED TVs on GT King, since updating to 19.4 RC2 it works perfectly.

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i’m running the lastest coreelec(19.4-Matrix) on my gt-king box. i find that when i turn off my tv, gt-king and my soundbar(connect to another hdmi port on tv) both can be turn off automatically, but when i turn on my tv, only the soundbar can be turn on automatically, i have checked the cec settings on coreelec and found nothing wrong. can anyone help? thanks in advance.

If the CEC wakeup and CEC in general works depends on system setup. Connect the CE device directly to TV will maybe help. But nothing more you can do, it’s a issue about your TV or soundbar firmware.

Thanks for you reply. But My CE device has already directly connected to TV(connected to HDMI port 1), my soundbar also directly connect to TV(HDMI port 2 with ARC function).

Connect the other way around - CE to HDMI 2 with arc and Soundbar to port 1 - then set it correctly in CEC configuration to switch on/off both devices the way you want it.

I have a Beelink GT-King Pro

When I use Android, the system is quite stable, but when I use CoreELEC, when I watch movies, sometimes after I stop playing the movie, the image turns black and I have to Disconnect the HDMI cable from the device and reconnect it to return the image to normal.

  1. This is not a permanent problem, but it does occur in significant numbers.

  2. This problem occurs in 95% of cases when the movie stops playing.

Hello everyone!

My Beelink GT King with the latest Coreelec is connected through the wire to Gigabit network (1000/500), but Speed Test addon (Ookla) cannot count more than 300/150mbits.

Laptop with the same wire and same router port achieve 950/600.

Is this “speed test” addon reliable? Maybe I could try something else?

If you really have to know the numbers use iperf program from network-tools addon and measure speed between computer and your device.

More on iperf.

But I don’t need speed info between computer and Beelink, but between Beelink and WAN

That is what iperf will perform, an accurate test of your internet capabilities but you have to ssh into your box from a windows pc to achieve this.

Thanks, I will try.

After a 19.4 clean install, 4K video locks up the entire system.
I had to go back to 19.1 and interrupt future updates
Do you have any solution, please?

My sistem is Beelink GTKing 4Gb

Again and again…

Sorry. My fault.
I stopped watching old assistance requests and did not view your reply.
I will look for the solution in this link.
For now the only version I am happy with is 19.1
Thank you.