Support added for S905X2, S922X and A311D!

If you restored a backup from a S905X\S912 box, you need to read this post

Overscan is off in my TV

It’s in Kodi settings, but it’s possible there’s a DTB problem.

I am using S905X2_4g_1gbit DTB .How to disable overscan in kodi?

By reading the post I linked above.

where i find guisettings.xml?

No restored, it absolutely new setting only turned on dlna and play via network…

It works! You are a beast!!!

Edit: If a reboot, I need to put again the insmod command, that’s right? It uses the specified driver in the current “session” and after a reboot it uses again the system driver?

Thanks very much for the info. So I will download CoreELEC-Amlogic-ng.arm-9.1-nightly_20190722-Generic.img.gz

I understand the device tree is on the image and I just copy and paste the correct one. Will give it a try.

Don’t forget to rename the copied dtb to dtb.img in the root

Warning developers!
I haz dtb from X96 Max Android Pie 9.0 If you needs I can upload it

If I try to change kodi gui resolution from 1920x1080p to 3840x2160p I got the same coloured stripes as per my post # 137 and, after few seconds the gui resolution falls back to 1920x1080p

We know what the problem is, and will work on it to resolve.

thank you. at least i know now that my box isn’t fault.

We are not 100% sure, but we’ll look into it.

@Alestilohomer No I only asked you to do this for testing purposes, I will make sure the driver is included in tomorrows nightly so you don’t need to do anything.

Hello there. Can anybody recommend me a android box for CE? Basically just looking for dual WiFi.

I have exactly the same issue with T95Q. Below are the additional issues I noticed.

  1. unable to play 4k videos. It splits the screen into 8 parts. Top 4 parts display file browser and the bottom 4 parts play the movie. I cannot get out of the screen. Ended up pulling the plug.
  2. Remote doesn’t work. I had to connect an rf keyboard and mouse.

I dont know about your remote but I am sure that someone here will help you.
The devs are working on the 4k issue and will sort it out for sure.

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Other users have working remote so the function itself is not broken.
You can follow How to configure IR remote control to setup yours.

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