How to configure used libCEC version

As CEC is implemented different on each hardware (TV brand/type) it may is needed to switch the used libCEC version to get a stable CEC handling for your CoreELEC device.
Maybe a older libCEC version is working better with older TVs or vice versa.

Any error found by libCEC can be reported at the developer site from Pulse-Eight:

Different libCEC versions can be chosen by open a SSH connection to a CoreELEC device.
By default libCEC version 4.0.4 is used.

Revert any changes done to the used libCEC version:
(This have to be executed every time when changing the used libCEC version)

rm -rf /storage/.config/libcec-4.*.conf

Use libCEC 4.0.5:

touch /storage/.config/libcec-4.0.5.conf

Use libCEC 4.0.7:

touch /storage/.config/libcec-4.0.7.conf

libCEC is not used for wake up of the CoreELEC device from power off/suspend. For this a Odroid N2/C4 or a device compatible with BL301 injection is needed. libCEC is only used if the CoreELEC device is in normal usage.

Hint nr.2
It looks like libCEC 4.0.7 do have a minor bug and show the wrong version in Kodi.
But the 4.0.7 get loaded anyway. There is a open issue about it:

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I don’t have such a file. (x96max plus2 s905x3).

You need to create them to select specific version of the library.

Thank you, and the content of the file, or create an empty file?

You just create empty file with touch command as written above.

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